TTC: On the Other Side of NFP 

In our marriage prep, we'd heard about the stresses of NFP. We'd heard about the difficulties of choosing to abstain during times of fertility rather than choosing a form of birth control. We'd heard that NFP could cause fights and at times resentment. 
Everything we'd heard about the difficulties of NFP prior to our marriage was in the context of using NFP to avoid having. children (or TTA). 

Clearly, we weren't using NFP to avoid having children at this point in our marriage. It followed then, that there should be no difficulties caused by using NFP, no stress, no strain on our marriage. 

Infertility as Disease: Accepting and Navigating the Medical Side of Infertility

It was my first Mother's Day mass after being married.  The previous month I had an experience where I was sure I was pregnant. I can't explain this experience, and no test I took that month was positive.  But the next cycle did arrive later than usual and with more pain than normal.  During the … Continue reading Infertility as Disease: Accepting and Navigating the Medical Side of Infertility

Veiling in a Pornographic Culture

We veil the sacred. We veil the tabernacle, we veil the Blessed Mother, we veil brides on their wedding day, and girls on the day of their first communion. The Blessed Mother and the tabernacle are veiled because they are the vessels that receive life and carry life to others. Through veiling, a woman recognizes her unique call to receive life through Christ and call others into life out of darkness. Christopher West, in “The Love that Satisfies” writes that “behind every false god, we find our desire for the One True God gone astray.” Pornography becomes a false god in which our desire for human love is twisted in on itself to serve ourselves rather than others. Veiling seeks to correct that self-serving love and direct it towards the Divine Love of Jesus on the Cross.