In my last post, I announced the lunch of Visitation Bible Study. However, my iPad and computer have since become unreliable, and I no longer have access to the computers at my work.  I do plan to update my blog regularly and to keep up with the Bible Study as soon as I am able to replace my iPad, which will be in about a month. I may release a post for NFP Awareness Week later this week, but beyond that I will not be posting much until I can access a reliable writing device. I will continue to post updates on when the blog will be in full force. Until then, if any of you want to help with the purchase of a small tablet or Chromebook for this blog, you can visit our Rosary Shop at either Etsy or Peter’s Square. Otherwise, I simply ask for your prayers that the Holy Spirit can continue working through this blog for the greater glory of God.

Thank you all,


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