Visitation Bible Study

Coming Soon: A Bible Study Exploring the Infertility through the Model of the Visitation. 

Infertility is a difficult and often silent cross.  This Bible Study, written through a series of blog posts, seeks to give voice to that cross through exploring the lives of different Biblical women that have suffered through this cross.  It seeks to give hope, comfort, and a deeper trust in God’s plan to those whom God has asked to carry this heavy cross.  It is my sincere hope that this Bible Study will not only help those carrying this cross remain with Christ at Calvary while hoping for the resurrection, but also help others in the community more fully participate in helping those with this cross in the midst of their joys and sorrows.  Modeled after the visitation, this Bible Study will focus not only on the struggles of infertility but also the joys and hope found in Christ and found in holy friendship, as exemplified by Mary’s visitation to Elizabeth.